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During this first Semester at Wimbledon College of Arts I have challenged myself and my practice and explored new subject matter. After finishing my degree in Architecture I was largely focusing on the Uncanny and Dreams. This came from a personal feeling of unsettlement due to my parents’ divorce and an intense final year of Architecture. In the break between two degrees I felt completely blocked and starting the new year at Wimbledon gave me a new outlook. The mini show ‘At It’ gave me a chance to express my unsettlement but also to evaluate where I wanted to continue my practice.

On reviewing this early work I found that the style and images produced didn’t feel natural to me. The violence and darkness of the subject matter were perhaps too personal and I felt I needed to refocus and choose a topic where I could express a more narrative style. Since the ‘At It’ show I have been investigating Fairy Tales and their links to the portrayal of women in the media and modern society. I have become increasingly passionate about investigating older Fairy Tales and their potential for hidden meaning. Having a passion for Fantasy Literature, this seemed like the next logical step for my work. The beauty of Fairy Tales is their openness for interpretation and for creating new versions; I have started doing this in a visual way through my painting.

In regards to my professional practice, I am currently working on a couple of illustration projects and would potentially like to do more of this kind of work alongside my Fine Art.  I have also been improving my presentation style, through use of new boards and hanging techniques. 


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