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At the beginning of August I moved into a new studio space at Making Space Havant. Having this studio has allowed me to consolidate my materials and artworks into one space. The studio is 24hs access to I can paint whenever I want, there are 6 other Makers who are working in various fields; fashion designer, costumier, gilder, jeweller, painter and textile artist. The community aspect has offered me support and is motivating me to continue going in regularly. Interaction with other people each day has meant my mental health has improved greatly. My Intention for the following year under my tenancy is to work on my practice as a business. I will do this by looking for grants and funding, residencies, selling prints and diversifying into other avenues such as architectural drawing. This year at Wimbledon has honed my ideas of where I would like to go as an artist and what kind of work I would like to produce. I will continue making work that is relevant to my research and stay true to my artistic ideas even if it means I have to work part time to fund my studio.

My research throughout this semester has slowed slightly but I have focused in on specific ideas around ‘Edge Land’ within my paintings. My latest works ‘Bridge’ and ‘Purgatory’ are highly detailed and took time to construct from images that I collected, perhaps future work well be less intensely detailed. When I have had ideas for work I now try to make anything from it rather than discarding it as worthless before any attempt. In the future I would like to alter the scale of my work, which is made possible by my studio space.  

The show at Lewisham Arthouse, the open studio and the degree show have all given me a new experience of displaying work having never been part of a public exhibition before. I would like to organise a group show with some other artists sometime next year as a goal moving forwards and to get my work in the public realm.


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