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At the beginning of Semester two, I began researching Fairy Tales in more depth, reading tales and books about their origins and meaning. I followed on from my piece ’Rapunzel’ looking at Tales that have dramatically changed in the present day. The Little Mermaid was one of these tales and I have explored this in my contextual practice essay and through a series of drawings and painting. I was referring to an illustrative style of telling stories, using pencil, watercolour and paper. Using found objects on the beach I created a collection of shells which have become a sort of collection of treasure that reminds me of my own childhood, imagining the lives of sea creatures and the possibility of underwater humanoids. My research at this stage was mostly focused on tales about water, Selkies, Nymphs and Kelpies; especially as the UK has a rich history of folklore surrounding the sea and our waterways.   


In the second half of the Semester, I hit a seemingly solid block to my creative ideas. Personal problems began to invade my work and I couldn’t use my distress to any effect in Painting. This moment has been my biggest struggle in painting so far. Trying to find my place in a new University and continually thinking of painting in a way I have never done increased my fear of trying anything. Eventually, I began by taking it in ‘bite sized pieces’ and just trying out the ideas I was afraid of, without being afraid of a bad outcome. My latest painting ‘Vanity’ was a slow progression and an amalgamation of half formed ideas.  

Because of my un-productivity in the studios at University I have begun looking for a studio space away from home but perhaps in an artists’ community. I think that this is the next step for my professional practice, moving my work away from home and engaging with a community solely focused on arts as a career.  


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